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Staff and Management Team



Brandon Mienies - Centre Supervisor

I started to work with Intellectual disability in 2015 at Special Olympics South Africa, while I was doing research on special needs centre`s and schools in Western Cape to join the organisation, I found Vasco Special Needs Centre late 2018 and started a full-time job in 2019. I`m working with different abilities for 9 years to date. No matter how difficult the challenge, when we spread our wings of faith and allow the winds of God`s spirit to lift us, no obstacle is too great to overcome.


Carmen Langley - Assistant

I`ve worked in the ECD sector for 17 years and had the privilege of working with young kids on the ASD. A 6 month contract was offered to me to look after a young client at VSNC, whereafter I was offered a permanent position. Working with special needs is tough, it’s an environment that requires one to be alert, composed, and flexible to manage crises. My inner compass gets stronger each time I interact with them because in the moment in the here and now.

Colleen Brevis - Assistant

I have been employed at Vasco Special Needs Centre for the past six years. During the same time my daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia, this however created daily challenges and equipping myself with the knowledge and skills to assist her daily.

I realized that through that I can provide a better service to VSNC clients. The realization was that each client needs a different approach. By the power invested in me, I`m very pleased to be at VSNC.

Management Team

Anthony Meyer - Director


Anthony Meyer is a dedicated advocate for special needs education and has played key roles in various institutions over the years. Since July 2023, he has served as the Acting Principal of Herbert Street Special Needs School, focusing on providing specialized education and support to learners with autism. 

Before his current position, Anthony served as the Deputy Principal of Filia Special School, a role he held from April 2004 to June 2024. During his tenure at Filia, he made significant contributions to the education and care of learners with severe intellectual disabilities and autism. 

Anthony's commitment to the special needs community goes beyond his professional career. As a parent, he has a personal connection to the challenges and triumphs of individuals with autism. His adult son, Adam, who has autism, became a part of Vasco Special Needs Centre in March 2018. 

Currently, Anthony continues to make a difference as a Director at Vasco Special Needs Centre, where his expertise and dedication contribute to the center's mission of providing comprehensive support and opportunities for individuals with special needs.


Rosalie Schoeman - Director


Rosalie Schoeman, a dedicated co-founder of Vasco Special Needs Centre, hails from East London, Eastern Cape, and grew up on a farm in a small town. Her profound journey into the world of special needs advocacy was inspired by her son, Jared, who is on the autism spectrum. Recognizing the pressing need to support young special needs adults post-schooling at age 18, Rosalie played a pivotal role in founding Vasco Special Needs Centre.


In her co-founder role, Rosalie brings creativity to the forefront by developing innovative product ideas at the center. Her creations have not only enriched the lives of the center’s attendees but have also resonated with the wider public.


Rosalie's dedication extends to fundraising efforts that sustain the center's mission and impact. Her approach is characterized by directness and an uncompromising commitment to efficiency.


She envisions Vasco Special Needs Centre as a safe haven for special needs adults, aiming to acquire dedicated premises for its growth. Rosalie passionately raises awareness about the unique challenges faced by parents and special needs adults.


Central to Rosalie's philosophy is the belief in the abilities of all individuals. She encourages others to shift their focus from disability to ability, embodying the essence of inclusivity, empathy, and empowerment.


In Rosalie Schoeman, Vasco Special Needs Centre has found a co-founder whose dedication, creativity, and unwavering belief in the potential of every individual continue to shape the organization's remarkable journey.


Roshina Krishnaswamy - Director


As a single mother of two sons on the autism spectrum, I've been profoundly influenced by my children. Their presence in my life has been a transformative journey, teaching me lessons in humility, extraordinary patience, and unwavering resilience. Celebrating small victories and counting my blessings have become my daily mantra.

My eldest son attended the Centre, while my younger son now thrives at the Alpha School for Autistic Learners. Both boys continually amaze me, embodying George Strait's words, "You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete. And as long as there is breath in mine, I will make yours just as sweet."


My quest to find suitable post-schooling placements for my eldest son in the Western Cape began when he turned 15 but faced numerous obstacles. Fate brought Rosalie Schoeman and me together as friends and co-founders of a remarkable institution. Our bond grew over shared experiences—our sons, attended the Vera School for Autistic Learners, and our families relocated to the Western Cape for their education. We often discussed the challenge of finding appropriate placements for our sons post-18.


I've evolved into a passionate advocate for the rights and acceptance of individuals with special needs. My belief in their value to society has been reaffirmed daily. Professionally, I'm a pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager with an MBA. At the Vasco Special Needs Centre, I serve as a Director and Vice Chairperson, providing support to staff and management functions.


My dream is to replicate the success of the Vasco Special Needs Centre in other areas, creating opportunities for our children to grow, thrive, and find fulfillment. Together, as parents, we aim to leave a legacy of a brighter future where our children have the tools to flourish and live purposeful lives.






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