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Registration Number 2016/172076/08      NPO 188-276  PBO 930067734

Placement Criteria

We would suggest that you first make an appointment to see what VSNC has to offer.


VSNC operates as a sheltered work environment. Applicants needs to be able to do basic bead work and need to be self-sufficient in toilet routines.


The following in terms of our process also needs to be noted:


Intergration Policy

It must be noted that we are dealing with individuals that are facing many individual and behavioural challenges.

Should you wish that your dependant attend VSNC you are required to complete a comprehensive application form and supply the relevant supporting documentation. It is in your and our interest that the application form is completed as truthfully as possible.


Your application will initially be assessed by our review board whereafter your will be contacted for a formal interview. Once the review board approves your application the intergration to VSNC will be done over a period of 2 weeks.


Week 1 : Attendance to VSNC together with a facilitator


Week 2 : Attendance with the facilitator whereby the faciltator withdraws by 2 hours each day, however the facilitator has to be present on the premises for the 5 day period.


We reserve the right to decline full time attendance once the 2 week integration period has been completed.


Our fees will be discussed at the start of the application period.